(NEWS) - Shungite is an extraordinarily positive and billion year old rare stone, and using it brings a variety of health benefits. It is one of the only known natural material known to contain C60 fullerenes (unique carbon structure). 

Since fullerenes are filled with anti inflammatory properties, they're amazing for your skincare routine. Shungite stone powder turned into paste has gained a lot of popularity for skincare over recent years.

Due to the antioxidants and C60 fullerenes shungite contains, this amazing crystal paste can help you slow down the aging process of your skin and keep it youthful and smooth.


Want lovely and youthful skin as you age?

After 40, great-looking skin is not always as easy as changing up your makeup routine.

Your skin gets elasticity and thickness from collagen production, which begins to decline in your early 30s.

By the time you reach your 50s, your skin can begin to look thinner. Creases and fine lines become more prominent, too.

That’s why your past makeup techniques may not work as well as they used to. Often, skin products are designed for 20-year-old skin… not the skin you have now.

But with just a few adjustments, your skin can look as beautiful as ever.

Read on for six tips to care for your skin and help them look their absolute best now—and in all the years to come.

1. Exfoliate.

Your skin can use a little help shedding dead, dry skin cells to stay smooth and soft.

Exfoliate your skin regularly with an exfoliant like WH Shungite Powder.

Designed especially for the more delicate skin we have after 50, this gentle scrub removes dead, dry skin without redness or irritation.

You can safely use Shungite Powder to reveal fresh, soft skin anywhere on your body. Gently exfoliate the thinner skin on your lips no more than once a week.

2. Drink shungite water.

I'm sure you've already heard of the buzzing term "inflamm-aging."

After 40, skin inflammation increases due to our bodies tending to have more consistently elevated levels of inflammatory biochemicals. 

While these chemicals are good to help our immune systems fight off infections and keep us healthy, if they are chronically elevated, they can lead to problematic things.

To keep your skin and overall inflammation at bay, we suggest drinking shungite water.

We suggest WH elite stones for shungite water, our all-natural, high quality, noble crystals.

Shungite water benefits the human body by normalizing cellular metabolism and increasing enzyme activity.

Fullerenes also have antihistamine and anti-inflammatory properties, helping to relieve pain and suppress allergy symptoms.

Shungite water science shows that fullerenes are effective even in very small doses and the benefits can last for months.

Start drinking shungite water and see for yourself!

    3. Apply a crystal facial massage.

    Should you put crystals on your face?

    Celebrity facialists are using precious stones for acne, wrinkles, and glow.

    If you have shungite tumbled stones in your collection, you can start by simply putting it on your forehead while you are lying down.

    This will establish your connection with the nature and free flow of energy, discouraging the negative energy away through the point and attracting the positive one.

    This will also help to align your chakras in a straight line, improving your perception and awareness.

    After your 40s, consider including shungite stones during your self-care routine.

    We suggest WH Shungite Tumbled Stones

    Roll stones from the center of your face (your nose) to its edges – hairline, cheeks and chin with a force you find comfortable.

    These movements will instantly increase blood circulation and release all the negativity and stress so you will feel relaxed right from the start.

    4. Try shungite baths.

    Healing baths are another great way to experience the ultimate relaxation and improve your health. How does it work?

    Soaking in shungite water cleans out toxins through sweating and removes impurities from the skin by clogging the pores.

    It helps to relieve stress, exhaustion, and fatigue, relaxing the whole body.

    Powerful antibacterial and antioxidant properties of shungite stones make shungite bath valuable for your skin. Opening clogged pores shungite water purifies the skin, moisturizes it and fills with minerals.

    Taking a warm shungite bath once a week improves skin elasticity and makes it firmer.

    To make shungite baths, we suggest using WH silver elite stones.

    5. Reduce your EMF exposure.

    Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are emitted by many natural and man-made sources that play important roles in daily life (cellphones, wifi, etc.)

    Several studies have reported that exposure to EMF results in oxidative stress in many tissues of the body.

    Exposure to EMF is known to increase free radical concentrations, which contributes to an increase in oxidative stress.

    A prolonged state of oxidative stress promotes the skin aging process.

    Shungite has the ability to absorb and neutralize the dangerous waves of 5G & EMF radiation. 

    Fullerene is the molecule responsible for this protective property. As EMFs enter the fullerenes, the direction of the waves are reversed transforming them into safe frequencies. 

    You can keep a beautiful WH shungite pyramid near you while you work and play and/or carry one on you by wearing an WH elite shungite necklace.

    6. Make shungite paste, wear face masks & reduce redness

    Due to the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of shungite, using it on your skin can improve the effectiveness of your skin care regime.

    Here are a few tips to try:

    - Add shungite powder to your DIY cosmetics
    - Apply shungite paste to problem areas to help reduce redness
    - Make a shungite face mask

    Many people who use shungite on their skin say that it has a calming effect, helps blood circulation, and reduces the appearance of bruises.

    You can even add a small portion of shungite powder to your ordinary face products or hand creams. Everyone's skin is different, so you're going to want to add only a small amount at first to see how your skin reacts. Adjust the quantity as needed.

    Made with crushed shungite stones, this shungite powder has a formula of a billion year old crystal that contains almost all the minerals in the periodic table, right when you need it most.

    No chemicals. No complicated formulas. No irritation. Instead, WH shungite powder is a sophisticated skin care product specifically designed for your 40s+. We suggest you try it out.

    Shungite nourishes and regenerates tissue with natural minerals and fullerene carbon contained within it alleviates oxidative stress put on the skin.

    Over the last decade, shungite has delighted hundreds of thousands of women worldwide with pro-age health and simple skin care for your 40s and beyond.

    100,000s of five-star reviews later… women love shungite.

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    You should be able to simplify your skincare routine, paring down to just a few items that bring out your best. That's why we originally created Shungite Powder for skincare. This anti-inflammatory, anti-EMF, antioxidant shungite paste is designed to simplify, replacing many of those products in your skincare bag.

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    Warning: It seems there is a rash of fake shungite showing up on the internet recently. We've had several emails from customers in recent months saying that they had bought fake shungite from other websites. Be careful! Only buy from a trusted source. Could our shungite really be that much better than everything else on the market? Seeing the results first-hand from thousands of customers — turns skeptics into believers. We can't deny it: Our shungite is very beneficial and we are happy to officially recommend it!

    For the Shungite test, we acquired the stones from the main mining deposit in Karelia, Russia. We got the most high quality and purest form of Shungite in the market. We grinded high quality shungite into shungite powder, which you can make shungite paste from. 

    "Due to the presence of fullerenes (C60) Shungite has a quite different chemical composition as compared to other carbon based minerals and this chemical composition has resulted in many health benefits. C60 has been tested and it reverses some of the effects of ageing."

    - Wellness Hut

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