Wellness Hut & Shungite.

The story of Wellness Hut began with a pitch black powder and coal-like stones that was said to cure the Tsar's soldiers and purify the waters of Karelia in Northwestern Russia. 

Often referred to as a healing stone, shungite, once tried and tested, has enchanted us all, and we quickly realized that the world had to learn about its potential. We knew that we are reshaping the world of wellness. Once the colour of fashion, has now become the colour of wellness.

Our Mission.

Making alternative wellness solutions accessible to many.

Why us?

Wellness Hut is brand dedicated to providing alternative wellness products and solutions at a fair price, with quality and sustainability in mind we focus more on spreading wellness rather than making a quick buck. 

Our promise is:

* That was us. You won’t hear us speak about ourselves much more than this, since we enjoy more finding and providing the best that nature has to offer.

A Gift From Us

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