Owning a rare piece of Elite shungite is your key to improved health and well-being. Although the Elite, or otherwise known as, Type 1 or Noble shungite is mostly used for EMF Protection, Water Purification, Gardening & Farming and Physical Health & Beauty. The capabilities and shungite uses of this miraculous stone go on and on.

The Uses of Elite Shungite & Application Instructions

  • EMF Protection

  • Water Purifying

  • Gardening & Farming

  • Health & Beauty

  • Spiritual Healing

Shungite FAQ

  • Cleaning your shungite

  • Length of use

Elite Shungite Uses

If you’re like most people who have bought shungite, it’s common to have been attracted by the benefits. We’re sure you’ve heard of many of them, but it’s important that you know exactly why shungite is so powerful. 

Simply put, the fullerenes in the shungite are scientifically known to act as antibacterial agents, antioxidants, and protect our bodies from dangerous free radicals. With the 90-98% carbon composition of Elite shungite, together with its fullerenes, this stone can be used for a number of applications. As noble shungite is the richest in these fullerenes, it is the most beneficial for the following uses.

Protection from EMFs

Most people come across elite shungite for the first time after hearing about shungite emf protection. The reason this form of shungite has generated so much interest, is due to its composition and ability to act as a protective barrier for dangerous electromagnetic frequencies, reducing our exposure to them. The power properties also come from its structure; the buckyball lattice, shaped like a soccer ball, has the unique characteristic of creating a neutralizing counter spin. 

Although elite shungite can be used for emf protection, it’s most powerful use would be in making shungite water. For information on Type llI shungite stones and their emf protection uses, check here.

Shungite Water Purification

Elite shungite is ideal for use in water purification. Charged water, created from this form of shungite has multiple applications. 

(Adding shungite to water creates a natural healing remedy)
Regardless of the application, the way to make shungite water, will be the same. Instructions for making shungite water are found below this section. 

1. Drinking Shungite Water

Charged water has the ability to provide many health benefits related to cleansing and purification. It is known to disinfect the water from chemicals and heavy metals, and acts as an antiviral, antihistamine, and antibiotic thanks to the fullerenes’ negative spin quality. When shungite water is consumed in the body, many people claim that the powerful compounds can neutralize contaminants in the water, break up virus molecules, and weaken free radicals.
You can drink shungite water on it’s own, add it to beverages, cook with it (improves preservation) or use it to wash your produce. 

2. Gardening & Farming 

Using charged shungite water to nourish your plants, or adding it to soil, is a great way to introduce rich microelements and bioactive nutrients into the ground, thus promoting better quality growth. The zinc, phosphorus, calcium, copper and other minerals in shungite are incredibly beneficial for use in gardening and sustainable farming. 

3. Wellness - Shungite Baths & Beauty

Bathing in shungite water has an energizing effect on the body. A lot of people have shared their experience after having taken a shungite bath and claim that their energy level improves, their focus and concentration is better, and they feel calmer. Not only that, bathing in a shungite bath contributes to physical healing and wellbeing; calming and soothing aching muscles and rejuvenating the body.
Shungite elite water can also be used on your skin, incorporate it into handmade facemasks, soaps, brush your teeth with it and more! Using shungite on your skin is said to improve the elasticity of your skin and contributes to a healthy glow. 
If you want to take a shungite bath, follow the step-by-step guide below on how to make the water. You’ll notice that many online sources suggest tossing the stones in a lukewarm or hot bath, while other sources strongly suggest against this. The reason being, is they claim that using hot water will result in a lack of charge within the fullerene. We want to hear from you. What’s been your experience? Test out both and share your thoughts in a comment below. 

Step-by-Step - Making Shungite Water

  1. First, you need to have a large glass holding container. 
  2. Weigh out roughly 50 -70 g of elite shungite stones. Smaller pieces are more effective for making shungite water since overall they hold more surface than larger pieces.
   *Make sure they have been cleaned - See the FAQ section at the end of this post to find out how to properly clean your stones.
  3. Place the stones at the bottom of the glass container and fill it up with 1L of water, be sure that your container is out of direct sunlight.   *If your glass container holds more than 1L, simply make the required adjustments to add more stones.
  4. For best results, leave the elite stones in the water for 1 day; at minimum 6 hours. 

If you’ve used all your water during the day, before going to bed, simply top up the water in your container and in the morning, it’ll be ready to drink. It’s not necessary to clean or charge our stones every time you make shungite water.

Spiritual Healing of Shungite

Although elite shungite can be used for spiritual practice, Type 2 shungite is the best for this use, find out why by checking out the instructions and uses of shungite type II stones.

Shungite FAQ

1. How do I clean my elite shungite?

There are many ways to clean your shungite. The most common is by running it under water to rinse it. Perform this process until the water runs clear. Then, you can leave our shungite in the open air under the sun or moonlight. Charging your elite shungite can also be done in the following ways:
  • Placing it in the earth

  • Surrounding it will other crystals, ie. amethyst 

  • Using smoke from sage

2. Are charging my stones the same as cleaning them?

Technically, cleaning your stones, at least in the traditional sense, isn’t actually necessary, as they do not take on any negative energy. Cleaning therefore, would be required, only to wash away any loose pieces of dirt or dust that may have accumulated. 
Charging, on the other hand is like powering up your shungite; giving it that little extra bit of energetic alignment and balance.

3. Do I need to replace my shungite stones after a period of time?

The better care you take of your stones, the longer they will last; however, as a rule of thumb, roughly every year or so, you should replace your stones. Cleaning and charging your shungite on a regular basis, every few months, will extend their use. If you are using them in water that is heavily polluted or chlorinated, they should be replaced more often. And, Instead of throwing away your elite stones when it’s time to replace them, why not place them in your garden or flower pots!