Healing Shungite Stones

Whether you already know about the power of shungite stones, or here is the first time you hear about it, here is a brief history and a list of its amazing uses, especially relevant in these modern times where many are turning to alternative wellness for solutions to modern day concerns.

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Polished shungite stones

Polished stones are generally used for emf protection. Many others use it during meditation, yoga and reiki. It's yours to discover!

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Who we Are

Wellness Hut is brand dedicated to providing alternative wellness products and solutions at a fair price, with quality and sustainability in mind we focus more on spreading wellness rather than making a quick buck. 

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Most Popular / Shungite Pyramids

Polished Shungite Pyramid with burlap

Wellness Hut

Polished Shungite Pyramids - EMF Stone

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