Type III shungite stones are also referred to by many as a shungite healing stone and protective side kick. If you’re looking for stones that protect against EMFs then you may want to give these bad boys a try. Although you can use tumbled shungite for making shungite water, using them in the garden, and adding them to your wellness routine, they are best used for EMF protection. Depending on your preference, you can use either the untreated stones or the polished shungite stones.

Type III Shungite Stones Uses

  • Shungite water instructions
  • How customers use shungite for EMF Protection

Type III Regular Shungite Water

STEP-BY-STEP - Making Tier III Shungite Water

  1. First, you need to have a large glass holding container. 
  2. Weigh out roughly 250 gram or 8 ounces of regular shungite stones. Smaller pieces will be more effective for making shungite water since overall they hold more surface than larger pieces.
  3. Rinse stones with water and then boil for 10 min. 
  4. Strain the water and rinse the stones again before placing them at the bottom of a glass container.
  5. Add 1L or 1/4 gallon of water in a glass container, be sure that your container is out of direct sunlight.  *If your glass container holds more than 1L or 1/4 gallon, simply make the required adjustments to add more stones.
  6. For best results, leave the shungite stones in water for 48 hours.


1) Do not keep shungite water in a plastic or metal container or pitcher. Elements within shungite interact with elements in the plastic and metal to then get infused into water. Glass and ceramic are ideal for this application. You can still boil the stones in a metal pot since you will rinse the stones afterwards again before placing them in a pitcher with water. 

2) Healthy people who want to maintain their health should drink 1 to 2 glasses (a glass of 2 dcl or 7 oz of water) a day.

3-4 glasses a day are recommended for detoxification of the organism.

The remaining water can be given to plants. Customers tell us from their experience positive effects to plant health and growth after using regular shungite water for their plants.

3) If you’ve used all your water during the day, before going to bed, simply top up the water in your container and in the morning, it’ll be ready to drink. It’s not necessary to clean or charge our stones every time you make shungite water.

4) Don't be afraid of the black color of the water, it will disappear after a few minutes of standing. Shungite has a truly "miraculous" effect on the human body, it has been claimed that it rejuvenates, protects, relieves pain, neutralizes the action of geopathogenic zones and affects the psycho-physical mood in humans.

Stones that Protect Against EMFs

Anything that is living is based on carbon compounds. In the shungite structure, the carbon molecules appear in a hexagon form which is a high power resonating shape. It is within the shungite structure and due to the presence of fullerenes that is what lends shungite to being a powerful protector against EMFs.

Here are some ways to use shungite as an EMF protector:

  • Place a shungite stone pyramid in the middle of your laptop or computer, positioning it between the screen and you. Many people find that their focus and concentration improves when they place a shungite stone on their computer.
  • Rest either a tumbled and polished shungite stone on your mobile phone to help neutralize negative energy fields.
  • Carry a piece of polished shungite with you. Shungite stones are said to hold the ability to balance anxiety and stress in the body.

Shungite Stone FAQ

How do I test the quality of my shungite?

The best way to know whether your shungite is good quality is by testing it with a multimeter. Find out how by checking out the video below.

Which stones should I use - untreated or polished?

We suggest you testing both out to see which one you prefer. However, as a rule of thumb, if you choose to use Type III shungite over Elite, for water purification and drinking water, it’s recommended you use the untreated, tumbled shungite.

Polished stones, sold in their original form or as shungite pyramids are perfect for placing near your electrical devices. If you plan to wear shungite jewelry, the polished form is also preferred as it won’t easily chip or break and is much less messier than regular tier III shungite.