EMF Radiation: What Does Science Say?

A computer or phone is in front of you while you are reading this sentence. It sends the information you need with help of that little WiFi router at (most likely) the corner of your room or house. A LED light. That visit to the tanning salon just because it’s the beginning of summer and you don’t want to wear a skirt or shorts looking like cream cheese. These are all devices that produce electric, magnetic and radio frequencies, and fall under a category of EMF devices. You must have heard about it being mentioned right next to the infamous 5G radiation in the news, but where else is it and do we need to invest in a bunker in order to avoid it?

The opinions are divided. One study claim that such a move would likely separate us from good, much needed EMF frequencies; ones that come from nature. It is known that the sun, Earth and nature have their own effect on our bodies, even by scientists; it is called the Shumann frequencies. However, this low-frequency, which are mild waves coming from nature are being masked by man-made, higher  frequencies. These low frequencies are necessary to maintain a healthy body and mind. This means, we need to have certain 'healthy' type of EMF radiation allowed into or bodies in order to be able to maintain the healthy functions of our bodies. It was shown that natural frequencies help with something called biotic rhythmicity. This term is a fancy way of calling the feeling of oneness with nature; feeling relaxed after a nice walk, soothing thoughts after being next to a river, or feeling sleepy right after sunset. In order to maintain such feelings of biotic rhythmicity, we need to receive messages from the nature in the form of natural EMF emission.

So what is there to be done? This study suggests that placing shungite as tiles works the best in reducing high-frequency radiation. Shungite is, due to its properties, highly electro conductive and acts as a metal, meaning that every charge that goes through human body when standing on those tiles will be attracted to the tile and then conducted into the ground. Therefore stress in the human body decreases. However, as tiles in homes are a large investment and require significant change, and can also hinder the quality of WiFi and other radio-dependent devices, so there is an alternative to it; protective covers for the most endangered area; legs, knees, head and ears, all while driving, talking on the phone or working on a table with computers in our laps. Shielding the most important organs in the body will improve the overall quality of your life.

Although quite a young branch, bioelectrographics is gaining in popularity as a research method. Bio-electro-graphics is a measurement technique which detects energy in each organ or cell in the body through all ten fingers, and is done by sending short electric current into the body and following its interaction in the body. So far, it has been used to scientifically prove the existence of energy points, or
chakras, in the human body, and now it has been employed to discover the biotic effect of shungite on body with high radiation (in this case, a cell phone with stickers, pyramids etc). In the study, it was shown that, when using shungite, it does not protect from the electrical radiation alone; instead, it aligns electromagnetic effect as it enters the body, preventing it to do any harm to the body. It is significantly powerful in aligning the first three chakras, connected with energy and ones which are the most endangered by the electromagnetic radiation (in other terms, the baby makers!), and allowing the body to release the additional current into the ground. Even when compared to metal, rock crystals, even black tourmaline* have shown signs of weaknesses during prolonged radiation. This is because shungite does not need cleaning or charging: this is where many other crystals fall short. (need to make a matrix with images below)

Figure 1 Normal field, no radiation

Figure 2 With WiFI radiation, no protection

Figure 3 With WiFI radiation, tourmaline protection

Figure 4 With WiFI radiation, tourmaline after 7 weeks

Figure 5 With WiFI radiation, rock crystals

Figure 6 With WiFI radiation, rock crystals

Figure 7 With WiFI radiation, crystalized hematite

Figure 8 With WiFI radiation, shungite

Figure 9 With WiFI radiation, shungite pendant

From here, we can conclude that there are ways to avoid EMF radiation effectively:
- protective covers for your body and devices; protet vital organs
- Shungite pendants, pyramids and harmonizers
- Spend time in nature; not parks, but real, remote nature

There are many concerns about 5G and other effects of radiation on our bodies, but there is a way to holistically avoid such harms made on our bodies.

*If you are new to the world of EMF protection and are new to the search, you might find that shungite is considered to be the most effective mineral protecting against EMF.

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