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Polished Shungite Pyramids - For EMF Protection & Healing

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Question: What are the benefits of polished shungite pyramids?

Answer: Our polished shungite pyramids are believed to provide an array of benefits, but the most popular one includes protection from harmful EMFs. In today’s society it's impossible to avoid EMFs. This beautiful protective pyramid is normally placed at home near a workspace and bed side table. Another great benefit of shungite pyramids is that they emit positive energy and keep us grounded. The very shape is a symbol of integration and harmony, and it thus collects energy and cleanses and purifies its surroundings.

Question: How effective is each pyramid?

Answer: Where should I place my pyramids for the best protection? Since shungite pyramids are believed to protect us from harmful EMFs, the best places would include next to devices that emit them: Microwave Computer Router TV Laptop, and other appliances and devices that emit such frequencies. Additionally, since they look amazing in any type of interior, you can keep them on your nightstand in the bedroom, on the shelves in the living room, etc.

Question: How do I charge my shungite pyramids?

Answer: Shungite pyramids absorb all the negative energy from our homes and they need to be recharged. To do this, gently and carefully wash the pyramids first, under warm water. After, place the pyramids in a soft cloth and expose them to direct sunlight for 2 hours. Another option after washing is placing them under the moonlight for 5 hours if you want them to recharge during the night.

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