Elite Shungite Stones (1-5 grams per stone)


Own a piece of Silver Elite Shungite, the rarest form of shungite that exists. Also known as Silver or Noble shungite or Type 1 shungite, this particular type of shungite is ideal for anyone who is looking for a tool to support their health and wellbeing. Use Elite shungite stones for multiple applications, including water purification, detox, EMF protection, gardening and more. The most powerful shungite type is that of Elite. You’ll understand just how beneficial it can be once you start using it in your daily life.


What makes Silver Elite shungite stones so incredibly powerful?

The answer lies in the composition of the Elite form of shungite. Composed of 90-98% C-60 fullerene carbon, makes Noble shungite one powerful stone. Countless studies support its claims of use as a natural antioxidant and antibacterial agent, among other things.

Uses of Elite shungite stones

Water Activation

Are you constantly buying bottled water? Or, maybe you’re spending money on replacement filters on your water purifier. With our Elite shungite stones, you can make shungite water easily. Making shungite water means that you can save money on buying bottled water or filters, and best of all, you’ll be reducing your carbon footprint by making sure more plastic isn’t ending up in a landfill.


EMF Protection

We are constantly surrounded by dangerous EMFs. Elite shungite is commonly used as a protective barrier against harmful electromagnetic frequencies. If you too plan to use shungite for this purpose, it’s best to purchase a pack of shungite pyramids or one of our shungite necklaces.


Find out how to make shungite water with Elite shungite and why it’s so good for your health.

Did you know, there are even more ways to use your Elite shungite healing stones?

Here are a few of the ways our customers are using shungite:

  • Nourishing the roots of their plants with shungite water
  • Bathing in a restorative healing shungite bath
  • Adding shungite water to recipes
  • Incorporating shungite into handmade facemasks, soaps, etc.

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