Polished Shungite Stones - EMF Stone, Meditation, Massage & Reiki


Tumbled and polished shungite stones are sought after for a number of reasons. They not only serve as protection against harmful EMFs, they are beautiful to wear as an accessory or to place around the house. The primary difference between polished shungite and unpolished shungite is in appearance.

The C-60 carbon fullerene present in tumbled shungite give it its miraculous properties. At Wellness Hut, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best Karelian shungite and tumbling and polishing the stones in house. But, there’s more to our polished shungite stones than that! We believe in reducing our carbon footprint while also respecting the product we are working with. It’s for this reason, we use as little plastic in our packaging as necessary, if any at all.


Find out how some buyers are using their polished shungite stones:

  • Placing it under their pillow to help improve sleep and insomnia
  • Wearing it as jewelry, around their neck or wrist
  • Resting shungite stones near electrical devices to help protect from harmful EMFs

If you’re thinking of using polished Shungite to make water, read below:

Shungite that is polished serves many functions, but making water with it, isn’t the most effective way you can use tumbled shungite. For this, you want to be buying Elite shungite. Find out more about Elite shungite in our product description.

Your tumbled shungite stones are better used for decorative applications, EMF protection, managing negative energy fields, and to help promote an overall sense of calm in your environment. Above all, polished shungite acts as an energetic sidekick. Many people use our polished shungite as a tool to bring power to their intentions while meditating.

Order a bag and experiment with its many healing and grounding uses. Every piece of Shungite sold through Wellness Hut is of the highest quality on the market and comes straight from the source. Prior to shipping, our shungite is tested to verify authenticity.

To learn more about Shungite, and some interesting facts around its incredibly powerful properties, take a look at the 7 things you don’t know about Shungite.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much fullerene carbon do polished shungite stones contain?
Just like regular tier III shungite stones, polished ones also contain between 30 and 50% of carbon called fullerene. But, unlike regular stones, polished shungite stones are not messy at all, and the tumbling and polishing process takes takes up to 4 weeks!
What are the uses of polished shungite stones?
Since polished stones are 95% less messy than regular ones, they have plenty of uses and benefits. One of the most frequent uses is in relaxation and meditation since shungite stones are believed to influence our chakras and help people feel more grounded and connected to the earth. In that respect, polished shungite stones are most frequently used for: EMF protection Reiki Massage Relaxation Meditation
Can I use polished shungite stones in water?
These stones are not recommended for water purification, simply due to their size. They are too big for infusing them into water, not an optimal size, but you can use regular or elite shungite stones for water purification purposes.
How do I know my polished shungite stones are authentic?
In order to find out if your polished shungite stones are authentic you can simply use a multimeter to test it. Here is a detailed video on how to use the multimeter to test the authenticity of shungite stones. (video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA_zlzA8B-A)

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