7 Things you don't know about Shungite

The stories of this magical rock are on the rise; this dark, black, non-crystalline stone with fullerenes never ceases to impress. Whether it be the regular shungite, usually containing 30-50% carbon, or the type I, and alternatively ‘Elite or Noble’ shungite, comprised of 92% and more carbon, there are properties to this stone still fairly unknown to the public and to scientists. We dug deep to discover the intriguing facts about this unique stone; finding the most unknown, unbelievable properties of shungite straight from the world of science.

1) Electroconductive properties

One of the most unique properties that distinguishes it from any other rock formation on Earth, is its electroconductivity. It is well-known that one can check the validity of a given rock by putting it to the test; if it is proven positive, then you are sure to hold a real piece of shungite in your hands. 

Fullerenes that are found in shungite stones are the reason for its magical properties. Due to its void structure and absorbing nature of fullerenes this rock can, when fullerene content is high enough, act like a piece of metal when in touch with an electrical source. However, unlike metal, it holds no residual electricity when moved from the source. This property of shungite allows it to be used in electronics, road construction, heating as an alternate, safe way of conducting electricity.

2) Good for the skin

UV radiation has never been a friend of skin; and with increased radiation this feud is greater each year. Applying factor creams does protect from UVA/UVB radiation, but it does little to allow skin’s regeneration and rejuvenation after exposure to sun beams. It is the aftermath that causes skin alteration, burns and issues and gives a painful experience to sunshine. 

Shungite was known for centuries to heal skin and alleviate skin problems, and until recently, this phenomenon has been disregarded by science as empty talk and misleading gibberish. However, recent studies have proven in-vivo that shungite reduces changes, roughness, pigmentation and wrinkling of skin; these unwanted skin phenomena, caused by oxidative stress put on the skin. It rejuvenates, detoxifies, and reduces inflammation of the skin, and its absorbent nature makes it a fantastic add-on to natural, nutrient-laden serums and creams.

3) Curing dogs and plants

As you know about its oxidative properties, you need to know, all beings in nature benefit from this property. Shungite is added to cats, dogs and fish water bowls to cure intestinal problems, reduce substance and metal poisoning, and for purification of water they reside in. Many tests conducted on animals show, when used reasonably, significant results with no negative effects of using shungite water or powder. And plants are no different; in-vivo tests show the strong effect of shungite, where two of the same young plants are treated with different products. One with the help of natural pesticides, and other with nothing but shungite. The latter shows much better absorption, colour and growth rates than the former, and its bacterial content is much lower than in the first one. So many testimonials are out there, even a Russian scientist claims to do so on a daily basis, a quick Google search comes up with 100 results from this experiment. Go ahead and test it; do not take our word for it.

4) Keep fish happy

If you aren’t convinced about the benefits of shungite, perhaps one nation’s testimonial would be able to change your opinion. South Korea has, after banning use of antibiotics on fish which harms human and fish hormonal levels alike, used herbal antibacterial treatment and shungite exclusively. The increased levels of health in the fish population were recorded, and to this day, the Korean government has not lifted the ban on antibiotic use. This can even be implemented in a typical household for cleaning fish; just placing a recently caught fish in a container filled with shungite can have a great clearing effect.

Shungite has a fantastic property; namely, it does not harm or have negative effects on living organisms, as its surface imitates the surface of a cell, making particles non-reactive.

5) Reactive with metal and plastic

The properties of shungite that seem a bit odd just cannot fit in one short list, can they? One of the most confusing is the fact that it shouldn’t get in touch with rusty metal, plastics or any other derivative (such as silicone, asphalt, etc.). Where does this end? 

Nowhere close, apparently. Shungite’s surface is partly oxidized, which means that, when getting in touch with metals, toxic gases and plastics, it reacts and absorbs all the unwanted particles in the materials mentioned above. This is a good property of shungite, but since it can get saturated with time, it should be kept in a safe environment - perhaps a glass, colour-free paper, ceramics or wood - and save up the space in the rock when you need it. 

6) Connection to cancer

Shungite and cancer have been connected ever since German studies on the effect of buckyballs came to existence; since then, nobody was quite sure whether it is safe enough to claim shungite as ‘the rock which cures cancer’. But, is it safe to say that it helps? Certainly. 

Due to its antioxidant property, it helps in creating an alkaline environment in the body, which is unfavourable for cancer development. And it is proven that buckyballs, given to cancer patients during chemotherapy in small quantities, can alleviate post-radiation effects without diminishing the effect of radiation. Although this study needs to be repeated over time to show consistent results, testimonials still keep flying in.

7) Placebo or not - it works 

Finally, it is completely understandable to think that what is mentioned above have some effect on the human psyche; after all, the human brain is capable of immense creativity using its own power alone. Finally, all studies performed on humans must have a placebo group in order for them to be valid. 

On the other hand, why is this morally wrong? We try and keep our facts straight, but we still ponder on the possible effects being enhanced solely by human power of thought. The belief in one’s well-being, one’s cure and healing, trying and testing with an open mind is the best sole experiment one can use. After all, if a bag of rocks, purchased for the price of a single meal with drinks, can lead someone to curing oneself, then we have to re-think the entire modern medicine and its practice. 

I hope that you enjoyed this piece. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, or anything else in your mind, do not hesitate to write to us at info@wellnesshut.co

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I use SHUNGITE for neck,back and knee pain,, a bag of rocks on these areas after 20 mins take the pain away,,, not taking painkillers anymore

Katie November 14, 2021

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