How Shungite Can Protect Our Children

Every parent wants what is best for their children, but there are some invisible influences that we cannot protect them from. Yes, it is about EMFs that can be harmful for our little ones. Another thing we all want for our children is doing great at school, as well as for them to be happy. Luckily, there is only one thing that has been shown to help with all three issues with our children - shungite. 

EMF Protection

Thanks to the unique properties of shungite, it is able to protect our children from EMF and 5G radiation. So, if you have kids who are constantly on their phones, computers and surrounded by technology, you should provide them with this shungite shield. What is more, shungite can also protect them from any other unwanted energies found at home and you can use a wide variety of shungite products for this protection - shungite stones (elite and regular ones), shungite pyramids, jewelry, stickers, etc. 

For example, if you place a few shungite pyramids around the house, they will soak up and cleanse “bad energy” and EMFs. You can also place shungite phone stickers on your kids’ phones and computers in order to protect them further from EMFs and 5G. You can even consider placing shungite products in their bedrooms in order to help them sleep better and be protected during the night.

Helps Relieve Stress

Even though it seems like children are always happy and smiley, they do go through stressful times and can feel stress. It is important for a child to be less stressed during the childhood so they can grow up to be healthy adults. This is when shungite can help you because it can help your kids connect to the Earth and their root chakra. By stimulating this chakra, shungite allows the flow of positive energy inside your kids and it can help them balance their energy, too. This way, they will be happy, healthy and always have a positive attitude. One of the ways to help them balance their energy is by having them wear shungite necklaces or simply carry a polished stone in their pockets or bags. 

Keeps Them Healthy

Just like it can heal us mentally, shungite is believed to provide benefits for our physical health, too. Shungite can help with your child’s skin, respiratory, nervous, cardiovascular and digestive systems health and it can provide them with minerals they need. This can easily be done by making shungite water for them and the whole family and have them drink a cup a day. 

Shungite is certainly versatile, and it can benefit the whole family. The new generation of kids surrounded by 5G and electronics since birth are the most vulnerable since they are still in development and they need all the help they can get in order to grow up healthy. So, you can help them be happier and healthier with a little bit of shungite and a whole lot of love!

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