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Shungite & Granite Harmonizer Set - For Meditation & Energy Healing

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Question: What is Shungite & Granite Harmonizer Set used for?

Answer: Our Harmonizer set is used for meditation and energy healing. This set can help you restore and maintain the energy balance of your body and biofield. Besides chakras and biofields, the harmonizers can influence how our body’s systems work and help us increase efficiency and performance. Plus, they can help us feel more safe, relaxed, and comfortable.

Question: What are the benefits of the Harmonizer Set?

Answer: Since it is made of Type III regular shungite, this set brings many health benefits, just like other shungite products. If you start using Shungite & Granite Harmonizers you will reap benefits such as: Protection from EMFs Protection from 5G Relaxation Relieving stress Balance of your body and soul

Question: How to use the harmonizers for meditation?

Answer: Place harmonizers into each of your hands parallel to each other and place your hands on your knees. Close your eyes and simply focus on the sensations and energy in your body. In the beginning, meditate like this for a couple of minutes a day, and gradually increase your meditation time from there (10 to 15 minutes).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is elite shungite so special?
Elite shungite is the rarest type of shungite on earth (less than 0.5%). What is so special about its rarity is that when you find one area for extracting elite or Tier I shungite, once you extract it there is no more of it. Another special trait of elite shungite is that it contains at least 90% of fullerenes, the famous C60 carbon molecule.
What are the benefits of elite shungite?
There are countless studies on the benefits of elite or tier I shungite stones. Among many other benefits, it is known for having natural antibacterial and antioxidant properties. Other benefits include water purification properties and EMF protection.
What are the uses of elite shungite?
Common uses of elite shungite include: Water purification, EMF protection, gardening and farming (use water activated by Elite Shungite in gardening), health and beauty using shungite water made with the stones, and reiki healing One of the most popular and widely used property of elite shungite is its water purification ability, and once purified, that water can be used in various ways.
How to make shungite water?
It is easy to make shungite water and later use it to reap the many benefits. To start, get a large glass or ceramic container for your water. Weigh out around 50 to 70g of elite shungite stones and pick smaller pieces because they are more effective for making shungite water. Also, make sure the stones have been properly cleaned by rinsing them in a colander and then boiling them for 10 min in water. Place the stones at the bottom of your desired container and pour in 1l of water. If the container can hold more than 1l of water, make the adjustments and add more stones. Keep the container out of direct sunlight once filled with water and elite shungite stones. The minimum required time for stones to sit in the water is 6 hours. But if you want the best results, leave the elite stones in the water for 1 day. Use and consume afterward. If you have happened to use all your shungite water during the day, simply top up the water in your container and leave it overnight before going to bed. It will be ready to use and drink in the morning, There is no need to clean or charge the stones every time you makes shungite water. Once a month rinse stones and charge under sunlight or moonlight for 2-5 hours.
How do I know my elite shungite stones are authentic?
In order to find out if your elite shungite stones are authentic you can simply use a multimeter to test it. Here is a detailed video on how to use the multimeter to test the authenticity of shungite stones (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SA_zlzA8B-A).

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