Shungite Powder Uses (3 Most Popular Applications)

Shungite powder is one of the most healing and holistic forms of shungite. Just like shungite stones, shungite powder is high in carbon and fullerenes so it brings many benefits to its users all around the globe. However, if you are not how you can use shungite powder with the aim to improve your health and wellbeing, we are here to provide insight and answers to you. In the modern world, shungite stone powder is widely used for various purposes. and in an array of spheres of human life. The reason why people love using shungite powder is because this mineral has a set of unique properties that can bring benefits to our physical and mental health. Among many other things, shungite powder is used in cosmetics, spa treatment, rehabilitation, and even in home decor, so let’s see all of those.

Shungite Powder in Cosmetics

Since shungite powder is filled with antioxidants and fullerenes, it can greatly benefit your skin and help people get rid of acne. That is why people use shungite powder to create a shungite powder paste and use it in skincare. To make your own shungite paste, you can add shungite powder to water (ration 1:2), and use the paste to apply it to your skin daily. This shungite powder paste can improve your skin’s elasticity, reduce inflammation, get rid of any impurities, and even add rejuvenation properties and boost your skin’s glow. What is more, you can shungite powder to your regular cosmetics or even create your own. All you have to do is apply shungite paste to problem areas to reduce inflammation and provide antibacterial properties of shungite, or use the paste to make your own shungite face mask.

raw shungite powder

EMF Protection in Home Decor

In addition to skincare, shungite powder can be used as protection against EMF radiation. EMF protection is a property of shungite and many designers, construction workers, and people in general have started using shungite powder to protect their homes from EMF. We are constantly surrounded by technology that emits EMFs, and if you create a shungite powder paint and coat a few walls with it, you can get a nice statement wall doubled as an EMF protector. What is more, shungite powder is also used to create conductive paint, plasters, and mortars, which only adds to the layered protection.

Shungite Powder in Gardening

Nowadays, shungite powder is widely used in agriculture, as well. It is mainly used as a fertilizer and if you add it to your potted indoor plants, for example, you can contribute to their growth and health. Shungite powder is often also mixed with organic fertilizers and it can help regulate temperature and humidity conditions, their growth, and stabilize the mineral composition of the soil by increasing fertility by up to 40%. So, if you are passionate about your indoor plants or simply love tending to your garden, try adding some shungite powder and see how your plants positively react to it. You probably already know that shungite as a mineral is widely used in various spheres. But not only stones are beneficial, but its other derivatives as well. So, shungite powder is as widely used as stones and people adore using it in order to bring its benefits to their advantage.

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