Shungite Phone Stickers Benefits

We all use our smartphones on a daily basis. We sometimes even spend hours with our phones in our hands or close to our heads and body. Even though our smartphones are quite useful and can do so much for us, they might harm us, too. 

EMF radiation is one of the fastest growing concerns in today’s society and people all over the world are searching for ways to protect themselves from this harmful and unnatural radiation. Luckily, with the use of shungite in all shapes and sizes, it’s believed that people have been able to protect and rid their bodies and homes from EMF radiation poisoning. And just like that, there are shungite phone stickers that can bring plenty of benefits to you and your family. 

Shungite Phone Stickers and EMFs

When introducing shungite in your life, you can try the phone stickers. The main benefit and use of phone stickers is to neutralize the EMFs emitted by your phone. Shungite phone stickers can help neutralize those harmful effects of electromagnetic waves. EMFs can disrupt your energy balance, your health and due to how phones are held and used, they can damage your cerebral and auditory functions. 

In order to successfully use your shungite phone stickers and reap all the benefits, simply place the sticker on the back of your phone or its case. You can even apply them to other devices in your home. What these stickers do is that they correct and transform those electromagnetic waves into biocompatible emanations, thus minimizing the harm done by EMFs.

shungite phone sticker

How to Use Shungite Phone Stickers

It is really easy to use these shungite phone stickers:

  1. Peel the thin paper from the sticker
  2. Press it  firmly against the back of your phone for 15-30 seconds

The same application process goes if you’d like to apply the shungite stickers to your laptop, desktop computer, or any other device in your home. 

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