Handmade Silver Elite Shungite Necklace -EMF Stone


EMF PROTECTION: Balance your inner biotic rhythm with a small but powerful elite shungite pendant necklace. Protect yourself and your loved ones from ever-increasing EMF radiation from your surroundings.

ROOT CHAKRA HEALING: In such an unstable and rapidly changing times as today, our ground chakras need a form of support. Scientifically proven with bioenergetic measurements to help balance out the first chakra and keeping that same effect in the long run, without charging or cleaning.

HANDMADE SHUNGITE NECKLACE: See the beauty in everything. Our shungite pendants are hand-picked, made and paired with a premium 925 Italian silver necklace, guaranteed to look good, be paired with your favorite pieces and still keep its functionality.

PREMIUM PRODUCT: Our shungite stones are genuine and sourced directly from our suppliers in Karelia in Russia and our jewelry is handmade in the United States by skilled jewelers.

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Wellness Hut prides themselves on providing quality products and exceptional customer service. If you feel your purchase does not live up to this, contact us and we'll make it right

Elite Shungite Necklace and Pendant Details

Pendant Material: Elite shungite stone, 3-9 grams, containing min. 92% fullerene carbon, (great for chakra balancing and EMF protection)

Chain: 925 Italian Silver

Styles: Venetian and anchor (refer to image)

Chain length: 45 cm (18 inch) in length

* All our shungite necklaces are handmade by skilled jewelers. The pendant stone is further polished, making it shiny. It may vary in size and shape. We handpick the best shapes and sizes based on beauty, intrigue and wearability, making sure that product quality remains immaculate.

** Avoid contact with water (shower, swimming and working out) to preserve the jewelry for as long as possible.

Our jewelry is always handled with intention and care; that is why we ship it in the most efficient way possible. Packed in a small kraft paper pouch in order to avoid contact with any metal or plastic that could diminish its qualities, all our packaging is plastic free. All of our items are handmade, hand packed and delivered to you with love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the materials used to make these necklaces?
The necklace chain is made out of silver, and it is hand-made by highly experienced jewellers. We use premium 925 Italian silver which is guarantee to look astonishing. Each of the elite shungite stones is handpicked for each necklace and it is further polished in order to be shiny and leave no mess. They may vary in size and shape, but each of them brings good looks and plenty of benefits.
What are the benefits of silver shungite necklaces?
Besides looking gorgeous, our silver necklaces with shungite pendants bring many benefits. The biggest one is the EMF protection. With this feature, it is claimed that your biotic rhythm will be balanced and you will be protected from harmful EMF radiation. Customers report that after wearing our shungite necklaces they feel more grounded, this might be because shungite aids by opening the root chakra which is in turn responsible for keeping us feel calm, relax, and healthy.

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