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Elite Shungite Adjustable Leather Necklace


A dark leather piece made for strong and raw souls. In the earlier days, Shungite was worn by Russian soldiers, given to them by the tzar himself, to ground them and protect them on long journeys. Not many shungite products really cater to the modern male or female warriors, which is why this piece came to existence.

This basics collection provides raw, unpolished Elite Shungite stone for all tastes: from the silkiest, softest taste to the most powerful and laser-focused one, there is a design to cater to all. The stone, very lightweight, and is known to be a protecting and grounding mineral. The adjustable leather necklace adds up to its strength and durability.

  • Plastic-free packaging and comes in a reusable burlap bag.
  • Elite Shungite, A large 7-15 gram pendant, min. 92% C-60 fullerene carbon.
  • Naturally dyed leather necklace cord, adjustable length.

The elite shungite pendant is cleaned and polished by a skilled jeweler; it may vary in size and shape. We handpick the best shapes and sizes based on beauty, intrigue and wearability, making sure that product quality remains immaculate. 

Please read this guide on how to take care of your shungite stone before wearing or check our blog for any information you might seek.

Length: adjustable 45-60 cm (18-23")

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are shungite phone stickers used for?
A: Since we are all inseparable from our smartphones, we are exposed to EMF radiation daily. However, it has been claimed that shungite phone stickers can protect you from those harmful radiations. You simply stick them on the back of your phone and the sticker simply neutralizes and absorbs any harmful radiation coming out of your phone.
Q: How to use your shungite phone stickers?
A: Simply peel the paper from the sticker and gently press it against the back of your phone. You can also use this sticker on your laptop, desktop computer, or any other device that emits EMFs and you want secured.

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